A whiter, brighter Christmas!

Teeth Whitening could give you a Whiter, brighter smile for Christmas!

Whiter, brighter smile for Christmas!

No way! Did we mention the ‘C’ word already? It’s only October! This is all true and as a matter of fact normally we’d agree with you. HOWEVER! At Trinity House Dental Practice we know that Christmas is a special time of year where we meet with friends and family that we may not see from one year to the next.  And, we all like to make a bit of an effort to look our best at this time of year?

That is why during October and November we are running a teeth whitening promotion at the practice. One of the first things that people notice is a person’s smile and teeth or tooth whitening is a great way for us all to have a little bit more sparkle in our smile without doing anything dentally drastic!

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth or tooth whitening works by using a peroxide chemical – normally carbamide peroxide – that is placed on teeth either by a dental profession with in-surgery whitening, or into a specially made mouth tray for whitening at home. When it is on the teeth, the chemical then breaks down to release oxygen which whitens the teeth and removes stains.

Is it suitable for all?

Tooth whitening is suitable for the vast majority of adults. Whether you prefer in-surgery or home whitening we would have an initial appointment with you to confirm that the treatment was suitable.

How long will it last?

This does depend upon your lifestyle to a certain degree. If you eat a lot of highly spiced foods and drink red wine and coffee, it won’t last as long! However, 12 months minimum would not be an unrealistic figure.

How do I find out more?

Call Suzie on 01935 415605 and mention that you want to take advantage of our ‘Whitening Offer’ and she will put you in the picture!

Get smiling, ready for Christmas!

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