Illuminate your smile with Lumineers at our Yeovil dental practice

veneers with a difference from Trinity House Dental Practice

Lumineers veneers for chipped, cracked, discoloured teeth available at Trinity House Dental Practice in Yeovil

The dental industry moves at quite a pace, with new treatments being introduced and improvements being made what seems like every day! At Trinity House Dental Practice in Yeovil not only do we pride ourselves on offering gentle family dentistry but we also like to offer our patients the very best in cosmetic dentistry too.  We believe you should be able to choose to improve your smile if you wish without having to change dentists or travel to other towns.

One such revolutionary cosmetic dentistry treatment available at our Yeovil dental practice is Lumineers – dental veneers with a distinct difference!

Traditionally veneers, used to cover the imperfections on one or two teeth, required a lot of preparation work on a tooth to help the veneer to bond to it.  This meant a dentist would have to drill away healthy tooth matter which is never desirable.  With Lumineers, which are much thinner than traditional veneers this is no longer the case.  Minimal preparation is required which means less injections and less damage to the tooth – in fact the treatment is reversible, which we’re sure you’ll agree are good things!

To find out how Lumineers could help cover a chipped, cracked or discoloured tooth call our friendly team today on Yeovil 415605 and make an appointment for a consultation.

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