Invisalign is flying at Trinity House Dental Practice, Yeovil

Free consultations available until the end of January only.

Amazing Invisalign interest for Free, no obligation consultations at Yeovil dental practice

We’re in to our second week of running FREE, NO OBLIGATION invisible brace consultations and we never expected the interest we have had, we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of residents in Yeovil who are concerned about the straightness of their smiles, the gapping between their teeth, or the crowdedness of their pearly whites!

We knew that a FREE consultation to find out if invisible braces would help people achieve a more attractive smile would be popular as invisible braces are so easy to wear, comfortable and, as the name suggests, hardly visible.



The great thing for patients who haven’t had a chance to book their consultations yet is that it’s a time limited offer and not a place limited offer so we can still book consultations in until the end of January 2014.

If you have concerns about the straightness of you smile and would like to see if Invisalign invisible braces would work for you then give our friendly team a call today on Yeovil 01935 415605 and book your place today.

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