Orthodontics – what do you want to know?

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Why might you want orthodontics? Perhaps you have some crooked or rotated teeth? Or an overbite that has always bothered you? Crowding of the front teeth?

Once upon a time it used to be that if you had reached adulthood and you had crooked teeth, that was it – tough! Put up with them! Luckily, in these more enlightened times, that is no longer the case. At Trinity House Dental Practice in Yeovil, we can offer a variety of options depending upon your particular orthodontic issue.

If your teeth are only mildly crowded, rotated or crooked, you may be able to benefit from the latest ‘invisible braces’. As the name suggests (!), there are virtually undetectable clear aligners that will move your teeth, little by little, into the desired final position. You simply need to visit us every few weeks to change aligner as your teeth move.

If your teeth need a little more help then fixed orthodontics can deliver the straighter smile that you desire. Brackets are attached to your teeth and wires attached to them will slowly move your teeth into the ideal position.

Why not come in for a chat and consultation and find out more about the treatments on offer – no pressure! Give us a call on 01935 415605 and we can arrange it for you.

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