Prevention is at the heart of our Yeovil dental practice

keep regular hygiene appointments and dental consultations!

Yeovil dental practice promotes preventative dentistry with regular oral health and dental hygiene appointments



We understand that ‘life get’s in the way’ sometimes! We know you’ve probably got other places to be and other people to see but without regular oral health and dental hygiene visits to the dental practice your smile may not end up lasting a lifetime.

Every day we see patients who have neglected their routine dental care and who end up having to have more invasive, costly and occasionally painful treatments in order to repair their smiles.  With just a little forward planning it may have been possible for them to have avoided this extra work.

For example, don’t wait until something has ‘gone wrong’ to visit the dentist!  Once a tooth is loose, you’re in pain or your gums are bleeding the damage has been done….and in some cases the damage will have been done permanently.

Prevention really is better than cure, in so many ways.  If you haven’t visit the dental hygienist in the last year then you are overdue a visit, why not give us a call today and book an appointment?

Our friendly team is here to answer any concerns you may have and are always happy to help, just call Yeovil 415605.

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